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Grading is a critical function of your daily classroom activities. Ensuring that your grades are easily managed, centralized and stored within a secure web-based environment is a 21st century must-have. 

Real Results

97% of parents in a Florida school district feel as though Edline has increased opportunities to monitor student progress.

Did you know?

Edline currently integrates with over 100 SIS providers to ensure that your entire Edline LCMS – including district, school and classroom web sites – is always up-to-date with your student and grading information.

With Edline, your grading activities are never separate from your LCMS. In fact, whether you use our grading solution or house your grades in a student information system, Edline will make sure that your district, school and classroom websites are instantly updated with the latest grading and student information as it happens.

Web-Based Gradebook Solutions from Edline

Edline’s gradebook solutions are rich in features and intuitive in design and interface. Users benefit from a seamless integration with their Edline district, school and classroom websites, providing the easiest to set up and manage grading solution that leverages our powerful LCMS tools to keep students and parents engaged with the entire learning process.

Seamless Edline LCMS Integration – including district, school and classroom websites.

  • Robust Grading Tools

  • Assessment

  • Attendance

  • Lesson Plans and Standards

  • Reporting and Parent Communication


The premiere web-based gradebook solution for web, network and mobile applications, GradeQuick provides powerful functionality to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the secure grading and student information that is critical to achieving real results within a successful learning community. Click here to get started today with GradeQuick!

Easy Grade Pro Web Edition

Geared towards enterprise-level installations looking to take their Easy Grade Pro solution online and into a completely web-based implementation, Easy Grade Pro Web Edition delivers instant access to grading and student information anywhere there is an Internet connection. Click here to visit the Easy Grade Pro website for more information.

Manage every critical classroom activity with Edline’s powerful and teacher-friendly gradebook solution that helps schools with assessments, attendance, lesson plans, standards, reporting and online parent communication—all seamlessly integrated with our LCMS.

Used by thousands of schools throughout the U.S. and around the world, GradeQuick is available on a variety of platforms (web, network, mobile) and can be deployed for individual schools or large districts – whether they use Edline or not. 

For District and School Site Licenses 
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Classroom-Focused Features

  • Seamless integration with Edline’s LCMS or an external SIS.

  • Flexible grading options to accommodate any school’s grading system or teacher preferences.

  • Rapid design of progress reports, lesson plans and attendance.

  • Reporting, tracking and communication functionality.

  • Standards-based planning and reporting helps administrators and teachers align assignments and lesson plans to state or district standards.

  • Track standards, skills, assessments and lesson plans in a single, centralized view.

Always-On Accessibility

  • Automated data exchange with Edline’s LCMS or an external SIS to ensure that classroom websites, student homework and parent communications are accurate and updated.

  • Scalable platform – like the Edline LCMS – that provides secure hosting, backup and protection of important student information.

  • The easiest to set up, deploy and manage online solution.

  • Centralized administrative control that lets administrators standardize grading and reporting on a school-wide basis if desired.

Valuable Communication

  • Keep parents informed and involved with detailed progress reports, in-depth detail on individual assignments, upcoming assignments and performance information.

  • Unlike other solutions that provide only a narrow view of a child’s education, GradeQuick utilizes Edline’s LCMS platform to include data from other systems such as transcripts, emergency alerts, report cards, attendance, lunchroom balances and teacher-created information such as class projects and assignments.


Manage every classroom activity with our powerful, teacher-friendly online gradebook.

Easy Grade Pro Web delivers instant access to grading and student information anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Easy Grade Pro Web benefits include:

  • Assessments, attendance, standards, reporting and online parent communication.

  • Anywhere access to a system that’s always current.

  • Centralized gradebook data that integrates with Edline’s LCMS or an external SIS.

  • Migration of offline Easy Grade Pro information to the Web Edition.

  • Secure, Web-based data transfer over 128-bit encryption.

Click here to visit the Easy Grade Pro Website for more information on how to purchase the Web Edition as well as support and product information!