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District, School & Classroom Websites

Today, a school’s website is considered a 21st century communication hub.

As such, your website provider must be able to swiftly and efficiently deploy, setup, manage and maintain your website in order to ensure a successful, integrated communication strategy. We pride ourselves on our ability to do exactly that. In fact, we recently set up a 200 school district in less than 60 days—fastest in the industry. 

Endless Design Possibilities - We Don’t Fence You In

We give you control of your site—whether you’re creating rich content, updating design or even delegating content management responsibilities to other users. You will never have to rely on third-party HTML programming or expensive consultants to manage your website. Our solutions make managing websites easy!

Edline Screenshot
  • Always-available editing tools stay with you throughout your entire editing session.

  • Drag and drop site management lets you instantly prioritize content layout.

  • One menu displays all content addition options, i.e.: video, group pages, assignments, blogs, multimedia and discussions.

  • Minimal clicks - edit any section without leaving the page and publish instantly.

When it comes to managing your Edline solution, you’ll have access to advanced administrative functionality that allows you to:

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  • Use existing data from your SIS so your website is always up-to-date.

  • Delegate user access, roles and permissions – down to specific content areas.

  • Instantly create group pages and set up secure areas.

  • District and School Websites

    With innovative Web 2.0 functionality, single sign-on, enhanced communication features and a secure and scalable platform, the Edline LCMS gives you a dynamic, personalized website experience that connects everyone, around the clock, from anywhere.

  • Classroom Websites

    Edline helps educators set up a complete online classroom experience that delivers all of the information that students and their families need.

  • Forms and Surveys

    Our completely interactive two-way communications toolset reduces wasteful paper processes and expensive postage-based activities. Edline makes it easy to add important forms and surveys to your LCMS.


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