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Version: October 2014

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With our revolutionary approach to K-12 learning, Edline keeps students engaged through innovative tools and resources. As part of our commitment to 100% satisfaction, we’re pleased to welcome you to the Edline site for your school district, which we designed to keep teachers, students, parents, and the educational community informed about events occurring in your district and schools.

One Website for All Your Needs

There’s no need to host both a public and private website for your schools anymore! With Edline, you can maintain one website for all your marketing and academic needs. Easily mark content you want available to public guests, while keeping your student and teacher data private and secure. Cut your costs on website maintennce by eliminating the need for a separate intranet site with Edline.

Safe and Secure

Edline provides state-of-the-art security, protecting the private information of students, parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Any Time, Anywhere

With Edline, you can access the information you need any time, anywhere.

Parents — check your child’s grades while at work.

Teachers — post assignments while on the train.

Students — download a study-guide from home.

More Than Just Grades

Grades are just one of the 360° view of school life Edline offers. From the classroom, to the sports field, to the cafeteria, to the library, Edline provides a simple, single point of access to all of the key information students and parents need — homework, attendance, progress reports, activity schedules, athletic scores, lunch menus, school news, grades and much more.

Go Paperless, Go Green

Edline can save schools thousands of dollars in printing costs by utilizing standard features, such as the interactive calendar, online news feature, and by providing the ability to post documents for your users to download. Your school can also purchase the Interactive Classroom add-on module that includes online quizzes, online tests, homework hand-ins, interactive assignments, all with automatic grading.

Get the Word Out

Districts and schools can send automatic messages to students, families, and the entire learning community. Whether it’s for routine announcements or during emergencies, you can communicate with your whole community, keeping them informed and — if necessary — safe.

Save Time

School administrators and teachers can quickly copy materials from previous semesters or school years to update their current curriculum. Students and parents can access the personalized Combined Calendar to view all upcoming activities such as tests, assignments, sporting events, and other activities to better manage their time.

Proven Results!

Recognized by magazines, countless newspapers, and television stations, Edline has bridged communication between schools, teachers, and parents, and has helped students boost their academic achievements.

Training Made Easy

As the leading K-12 web hosting solution, Edline provides easy-to-use design tools for your school to create the most intuitive website for your students.